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Red Sparrow

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Red Sparrow Red Sparrow is a 3rd or 4th tier junior superhero and is part of The Foundation...a monolithic corporation that funds and supports all superhero activity. She desperately wants to succeed and yearns for the day she is a noted hero in her own right. She can fly...barely...and is stronger that most but so far her superhero abilities aren't really THAT super.

She has a crush on Heroman and currently is entrusted with the care of Precursor.


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Precursor has the gift or curse of precognition. Unfortunately he has a hard time explaining himself and most of the time sounds like he is spouting off gibberish. He's socially inept having spent the grand majority of his life deep in the bowels of The Foundation lab. However he has finally found himself out in the great wide world and is having the time of his life.

Ninja Person

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Ninja Person Ninja Person eschews convention and refuses to divulge said person's gender. He/she has the ability to teleport, though some items often don't make it through the journey. Currently Ninja Person is shackled to a power damping contraption in Lord Darthac's castle.

Lord Darthac

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Lord Darthac Self-described August Ruler of all that he perceives, master of the universal forces of science, adept of mystical might and regent of the powerful principality of Dartha. Lord Darthac is an egomaniac sorcerer/scientist most mad. His recent exploits sent rampaging cybernetic chimpandillos through the streets of White Stone and is currently trying to get Ninja Person to crack as well as trying to woo Brock Stringham.

Brock Stringham

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Brock Stringham Reporter for White Stone Illuminations. She is grumpy, crusty, smokes too much and is currently a captive along with Ninja Person at Lord Darthac's castle. She's been gifted with a baby chimpandillo which she named Dillie and has been strangely sleepy most of the time. She is the romantic interest of Lord Darthac, who finds her journalistic bias against the heroes of the Foundation most attractive.


Read Heroman's Journal
Heroman Heroman! The Mighty of the Mighty, Heroman is The Foundation's flagship hero. He has four comic lines, nine movies (one currently in production) has oh so pretty white teeth and has been seen romantically with Diva.


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Diva Ranked just as high as Heroman, Diva has her own perfume (Command: Because she says so!) and several comic books as well. A favorite among drag queens, Diva's power is sheer force of will. The queen bee of high school? That's her times a zillion!

The Night Knight

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Night Knight The bane in Heroman and The Foundation's side, he delights in making? them all look bad. He seems intrigued by Red Sparrow after their first rather disastrous meeting.


Read Millen's Journal
Millen A lawyer and Red Sparrow's brother. He's not a fan of The Foundation and is convinced his sister would do better on her own.

Dr. Manx

Dr. Manx Head of the Foundation's secret laboratory.