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About Red Sparrow

Located in the fictional city of White Stone, Red Sparrow follows the exploits of a junior ranked superhero, desperate to make it in the big time. As a member of The Foundation, a monolithic corporation that handles White Stone superheroes (as well as all their marketing), Red Sparrow is surrounded by all sorts of heroes, from the mighty Heroman, defender of truth and justice and very white teeth to the very odd, like Precursor, a psychic who grew up in the Foundation's Secret Lab.

Not to mention her disapproving family.

Definitely not your ordinary costumed superhero story, Red Sparrow is funny, tragic and a lot closer to real life than you'd think.

The cast of Red Sparrow

The Live Journals
The cast of Red Sparrow all have their own live journals, written by cohorts of creator Jeanette Atwood. Each character can propel the strip's plot in directions all their own, causing Jeanette to scramble to incorporate the many threads of their individual stories into a cohesive piece of visual fiction.

Read the many personal musings of your favourite characters from the Cast page or follow all of the journals in the shared Foundation Community web-journal.

Jeanette Atwood
Jeanette AtwoodDrawing since she was five years old Jett decided she wanted to be an animator when she grew up...and when she grew up she did. Jett concedes that she is indeed a of those who actually DID grow up to become what they wanted. She figures that is probably a good thing, otherwise we would have way too many ballerinas, cowboys and firemen.