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About Frakking Toasters

A tongue in cheek skewering of the Sci Fi show "Battlestar Galactica", Frakking Toasters riffs the characters, actors and fans every which way but loose.

Jett doesn't own anybody from Battlestar Galactica but the writing and images are hers.

The cast of Frakking Toasters

Jeanette Atwood
Jeanette AtwoodDrawing since she was five years old Jett decided she wanted to be an animator when she grew up...and when she grew up she did. Jett concedes that she is indeed a of those who actually DID grow up to become what they wanted. She figures that is probably a good thing, otherwise we would have way too many ballerinas, cowboys and firemen.

She also draws the Monday-Friday comic, "Red Sparrow" which she wishes you would check out.