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Friday, April 26, 2013
"Dungeons & Doodles"
Illustration One of the favorite additions to our D&D troupe is a minotaur. One of our regulars charmed him and he's been sticking around ever since.  What's really fun is whenever we have a visitor who just wants to come and play a night, we give him or her the minotaur to play.  The results have been hilarious.  One of our friends found out he was illiterate and set him on a literary program.  Another one charged him into a pet shop and had him buy two birds. 

The thing that has always remained consistant... he is a badass, and he looooves Bimpy the gnome.  View image

26 April 2013, 07:07AM |

Monday, February 6, 2012
"Week 26" or "Separation"
Illustration My partner is gone all week with Outdoor Ed.


06 February 2012, 08:11PM |

Monday, January 30, 2012
"Week 25" or "Mighty Ducks"
Illustration I start out every week doing a drawing for my partner who teaches school.  Each week I remind her what week she is on in the school year.  It's always fun trying to come up with fresh ideas.  


30 January 2012, 05:41PM | Comments (0)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
"Truman" or "Teardrop Restoration"
Cartoon My partner and I just bought a 1947 teardrop to restore.  (We named it Truman,  after Harry S.)


24 January 2012, 08:51PM | Comments (0)

Thursday, January 19, 2012
"December" or "Futility"
Illustration This is one of the favorite months I drew for the Claire Lilienthal fundraising calendar. 


19 January 2012, 06:16PM |

Friday, September 2, 2011
"March Quilters" or "Before & After"
Illustration Plugging away on the school calendar.  Many, many times I actually prefer the quick sketch to the final product but overall I am rather pleased with how each month is shaping up.

TLG's school does a massive fundraiser in March selling, among other things, quilts the kids have made.  I used that as a springboard idea for that month.


02 September 2011, 03:19PM |

Monday, August 29, 2011
"Calendar Wolves" or "February"
Cartoon I have been working on a fun calendar as a fundraiser for TLG's school.  The mascot is the timberwolf.  

I'm having a great time working on this...when I was on the yearbook staff in Junior High I was tasked with drawing dozens of little huskies doing various activities all through the book so this is bringing back some fun memories. 

I have 7 months done and just put February done.  I may make a few revisions to it, but overall I'm fairly pleased.

29 August 2011, 12:56AM |

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
"Date Night" or "Card Giving"
Cartoon My partner and I had a terrific night last night with another couple.  I woke up this morning and whipped out this "thank you" card/cartoon for them.  One of the advantages of being a cartoonist is you never have to buy a card and more often than not the recipient is as delighted as if you had gifted them a moon rock.


29 March 2011, 08:08PM |

Saturday, March 19, 2011
"Pandering" or "Charity Auction"
Illustration It's time of year when I get roped into creating some art for my partner's school's charity auction.  In past years I donated some of my figure drawing but this year I thought I would lighten things up a notch. 

After perusing through my sketchbook she informed me  I should expand on a little doodle I had done of a hippo playing tennis.  Which I did.


But because I am me, and can't stop, I went ahead a did a theme. One of the members in my Artist Way group used to dance ballet in New York and I was so inspired by some of the pictures on his walls, I went ahead with this one. BalletHipPro.jpg And since I was on a roll, why not go for the iconic Heisman pose? HeismanHipPro.jpg After I was done with all these though, I realized what would probably go over best, here in San Francisco, home of the newly minted World Series champions was THIS: Pandering.jpg Absolute and complete pandering... hopefully it'll sell well and earn a lot of cash for the school. My friend printed them out and it's something else to see your work PRINTED. It came out and I gasped, "They look *professional!*" Awesome! :)

19 March 2011, 11:54PM |