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T.G. Studios is the online portfolio of animator Jett Atwood.


Jeanette 'Jett' Atwood is a story and comic book artist currently living in San Francisco. A graduate of classical animation at Sheridan College, Jett has worked on a feature film, numerous commercials, video games and short films as a storyboard artist, animator, and writer.

Jett recently was part of the acclaimed art team assembled for Cognito Comics' "CIA: Operation Ajax." The 10 chapter story is currently up for "Best App Ever"' in the comics category.

Among her Smart Bomb Interactive titles are Pac-Man World Rally (2006) and Snoopy vs. the Red Baron (2006).

Jett is the creator of Red Sparrow, detailing the trials of a rookie super hero, the Battlestar Galactica parody Frakking Toasters" and the Xena parody Battle-On!.

In 2005 her comic Puzzles was collected in the Eisner Award nominated anthology, 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2005. It was her first 24-hour comic. For the 2006 24 Hour Comic Day Jett created a sequel, "Loose Threads." It revisits the characters approximately a year and a half after the events of "Puzzles." A year after that the final chapter, "Word Games" was completed as part of the 2007 24 Hour comic challenge.

Jett is working on compiling the Puzzles trilogy as well as collaborating on a graphic novel with writer/editor Stephen Carter.

Young Jett
Drawing since the age of 6, Jett is one of those rare individuals that knew what she wanted to be at a very early age. She recognizes she is a fortunate outlier. If everyone grew up to be what they wanted in the first grade we'd have far too many firemen, cowboys and ballerinas.

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